Professional Services

We solve information problems
with beautiful software.

Using our open source platform, we deliver powerful and customised information management systems.

Working primarily in Higher Education, we build software to enable you to take control of large volumes of information. It’s easy to get going. We host your software with nothing to install or manage. It’s easy to use. We focus on clean interfaces and intuitive user experiences.

Unlike traditional software, our platform is built with change in mind, so we can use an agile approach to deliver cost effective applications, without sacrificing quality.

Case studies

University of Westminster built a Virtual Research Environment on top of the Haplo platform to manage information about their research activities. “The VRE has had a significant, positive impact since its launch."

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Bellbird English built a portal on top of Haplo for sharing teaching resources at English language schools. “We knew the teachers were finding and producing good resources but until now there’s been no easy way of sharing resources."

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Impendulo built an Insurance Premium Tax portal on top of the Haplo platform to share tax information with their clients. “Using the portal we can structure the massive amount of data we have, making it easy for clients to find the answer."

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The most flexible database you’ll ever need.

Our solutions are built on a highly flexible, cutting-edge platform designed for cost effective delivery of bespoke information management applications.

  • Object-store database with web-based user interface
  • Rich meta-data and taxonomy support
  • Sophisticated search
  • Collaboration and work-flow
  • File storage and processing
  • Fine grained permissions and auditing
  • Designed for agile project delivery
  • Server-side JavaScript plugins for total customisation
  • Hosting options include software-as-a-service

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Your information management solution.

We work closely with you to identify what information you have, and who needs it.

We help you comply with legal, regulatory and contractual restrictions in how you handle information.

We design custom workflow and tools to help you get the most from your information.

We import your data and link to your existing systems.

We design the ideal information management solution for you.

We keep working with you, continuing to develop your system as your organisation evolves.

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