PhD Manager

Supporting effective management of PhD programmes.

Improve visibility of Doctoral Researchers and their progress at your institution. Save staff time across the University by streamlining administrative processes. Improve rates for successful, timely completion by spotting potential problems early. Provide reassurance and greater visibility to Doctoral Researchers, minimising time spent updating on updating candidates on progress at each stage.


Record details of new Doctoral Researchers directly into the system or via a feed from SITS. Easily identify suitable supervisors across your institution, search by supervision interests and view their supervisory experience and current capacity.


Manage the advertising and RSVPs of training events. Automatically create a list of attended training for each Doctoral Researcher.

Application to Register

Streamline the approval process of Applications to Register. Reduce administrative time with automatic emails and alerts keeping the Doctoral Researcher informed of progress.

Meetings and progress reviews

Make it easy to centrally store a record of each supervisory meeting. Monitor support provided to Doctoral Researchers by easily seeing the number of supervisory meetings they’ve attended. Save time by streamlining the administration of annual progress reviews. Improve visibility for Departmental, Faculty and University in monitoring the completion of reviews.

Application to Transfer

Easily gather information on progress from training, supervisory notes, and progress reviews stored automatically on the Doctoral Researcher’s record. Streamline administrative processes. Reduce concerns and improve visibility of the transfer process.

Examination arrangements

Complete flexibility provides support for the time consuming administration of examination arrangements of every PhD candidate. Visibility for Doctoral Researchers, supervisors, and all those involved reduces concern and saves time answering queries.

Analysis and reporting

Efficient support for statutory reporting requirements. Analysis helps inform improvements to the successful completion of future Doctoral Research programmes.