Research Manager

Manage the entire research lifecycle.


Improve visibility with accurate, up-to-date information on current research across your University. Search directory of researchers and research projects. View all research by researcher, research group, department, faculty, university. Find collaborators with similar interests.


Access from anywhere via the Internet. Fine-grained permissions, enabling self-service access by researchers. Enables departmental autonomy with overview from University.

Time saving

Custom workflow streamlines administrative processes. Researchers store comprehensive profiles of their research in one place, reducing demands for information on their research activity. Online forms and support for approval processes support committees to work efficiently.


Easy sharing of data between systems saves time by reducing the need for duplicate entry into different systems and ensures data is always up to date. Connect to SITS for sharing data on Doctoral Researchers. Connect to Agresso to display updates on project budgets.


Ensure compliance across the University with contractual, legal, and ethical requirements for research and research data management, including requirements from funding bodies. Mitigate risks to the University’s reputation from poor research data management.


Management information dashboards give quick updates on all stages of the research lifecycle. Comprehensive reports and analytics enable insight into and understanding of current research to inform effective improvement. Easily meet external demands for information on research activity.