Introducing our new Ethics Monitor team

After spending over ten years in corporate information management, I am excited to move to the other side of the software and join Haplo as Product Facilitator for Ethics Monitor. Whilst I was initially nervous about changing direction, I am excited to use the knowledge I’ve gained from my past experiences and add it to everything I’m learning as a new member of the Haplo team.

I am here to work closely with our clients as they make the exciting move to using Ethics Monitor. I look forward to answering support queries, preparing and providing training materials specific to each client’s needs, and managing the process from preparing the workflows and forms through to the testing and implementation of the system. My aim is for your transition to Ethics Monitor to be enjoyable and hopefully a little bit exciting. Haplo has created a more efficient way to tackle an old task and I’m pleased to be part of the team that will be delivering that.

Helen Root is our lead developer for Ethics Monitor and we’ll be working closely together to help our clients get the most out of this exciting new software. Ultimately, we want to streamline the process of research ethics, by helping our clients move away from old-fashioned paper based systems and into the more efficient method that Ethics Monitor can provide: “I’m looking forward to exploring the many advantages for our institutions by having the information available digitally” said Helen, “such as being able to provide more in depth reporting about ethics applications across a university, giving administrators the power to track applications and identify areas of improvement in the process more easily.”

Changing the way you do things for the better should be exciting and engaging, and with the right guidance to help you through the process, it definitely can be. Helen and I will be with you at every step to make sure Ethics Monitor transforms the way research is governed at your institution.

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