76 Harley Street

How Haplo is supporting innovative healthcare.


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Sharing confidential information amongst a dispersed team; managing large volumes of documents.

The client

When 76 Harley Street approached Haplo, they were looking for something they simply couldn’t find anywhere else.

“At 76 Harley Street we manage really complex cases” explains Dr Jack Kreindler, Medical Director. “We’re a dispersed team of 40 specialists throughout the world. When we work together on cases we have to digest and collaborate on a tremendous amount of information: often twenty years of patient notes plus the last ten years of literature review.

“It’s basically impossible to do that with any current patient record system."

The brief

Working closely with 76 Harley Street, Haplo decided that they needed a uniquely tailored information system. It would have to securely store their patient records and files online, and make them available to a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, wherever they were in the world.

“We chose Haplo because of its flexibility," says Dr Kreindler. “Traditional systems are unbelievably primitive when dealing with complex cases. We were able to customise Haplo to such an extent that we could create the ideal patient record system for our team."

The experience

“We could not have established our practice without Haplo. It doesn’t just show us a patient record - it enables us to build a much richer picture of our patient’s health. It allows us to see the story of how a case has developed and supports collaboration amongst a very dispersed group of professionals."

For 76 Harley Street, a key quality factor of Haplo was the ability to use patient records anywhere, on iPhones and iPads. Alongside this was the need to access them securely, knowing that their patients’ personal details are closely protected every step of the way. For Haplo, this was all just part of the service.

“We could not have established our practice without Haplo”

Jack Kreindler, 76 Harley Street

The difference Haplo makes

“With this fresh ability to manipulate, share and collaborate, all on one system, the team at 76 Harley Street has everything they need to support the complex work they do every day."

“Haplo gives us a powerful advantage and enables us to successfully manage complex cases," says Dr Kreindler.

“Haplo enables us to build a much richer picture of our patient’s health”

Jack Kreindler, 76 Harley Street

“It’s a world apart."