Bellbird English

How Haplo helped to build a resource bank like no other.

LocationUK and USA

Haplo user since February 2011


Building a resource bank for teaching materials in English Language schools.

The client

David Powell, Managing Director of Bellbird English, came up with the idea to build an unparalleled resource bank, specifically for schools teaching English. So, he approached Haplo.

The brief

“Having worked with English Language schools for a number of years I became increasingly aware of the problems teachers had with sharing good resources," explains David.

The problems I saw were:

“If you can use a website, you can use Haplo”

David Powell, Bellbird English

What they needed was a bank of resources, accessible from anywhere, where teachers could search for, share, create, and develop the key resources which would bring their lessons to life.

“It took just 2-3 days to build a prototype”

David Powell, Bellbird English

The experience

Designing and building a prototype to show prospective clients was David’s first priority.

“From experience, when I’ve asked to set up prototypes on other projects it can be very expensive and time consuming," says David. “You might end up doing quite a lot of work just developing the prototype. So I was delighted when I started to build the prototype with the Haplo team and it took just 2-3 days before we had a system that I could demonstrate."

It was also important to David that he could white label the product and name it Bellbird. Which of course, he could do straight away with Haplo.


“It provides access to a trusted set of resources which they can find easily, share with others and collaborate on”

David Powell, Bellbird English

The difference

From the initial demo version to an invaluable information bank, Bellbird has been growing in leaps and bounds.

“Teachers store materials such as lesson plans, audio, books, class activities, interactive white board resources, images, tests, videos. They associate tags to these materials so colleagues can find them later. These tags are things like:

“The teachers using the system find it’s a trusted set of resources that they can find easily, share with others and collaborate on," says David. “That’s solving a problem that’s never been solved before."

“By using this system to share good quality teaching resources, schools are able to differentiate themselves in terms of the student experience, the value they add, and the amount they can improve their student’s language ability in the time they have them in the classroom."