How Haplo is helping to deliver the ultimate insurance tax information solution.


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Creating a portal of tax information; storing and collaborating on confidential documents.

The client

Impendulo came to Haplo with a fresh and original idea. As a new company, they wanted to create something unique to set themselves apart from the competition and break new ground in an old industry. We knew we could help.

The brief

“Impendulo means ‘the answer’ in South African Xhosa." Chris James, Managing Director of Impendulo explains. “If the name means the answer, we wanted to make sure that our clients can quickly find the answer in our portal."

The aim of the Insurance Premium Tax Portal is to provide Impendulo’s clients with one place for all their insurance tax information. It sounds simple, but there were plenty of complicating factors to take into account.

“At any point the client can track where we are in the process of submitting their tax returns”

Chris James, Impendulo

“We operate in a number of different countries," says Chris. “And in each country there will be various tax rates that can be applicable to insurance policies. It becomes very complex and our clients pass it to us to deal with."

We knew we had to build something which presented complex data in a simple and easy to use way, with the flexibility to develop alongside a growing business. So, that’s what we did.

The experience

“It was important to me that our portal looked and felt the same as our website”

Chris James, Impendulo

“With Haplo, I’m offering my clients a very simple user interface to find a quick answer, with the option to drill down and get the definitive answer to a more complex problem," says Chris. “That’s exactly what I wanted to achieve: the ability to always find the answer, however complicated the question, without ever having to leave the IPT Portal."

“What has impressed me most in working with Haplo is the flexibility. I can see the portal is going to be completely scalable”

Chris James, Impendulo

One of the primary reasons for building the portal with Haplo was security. The team at Impendulo needs to store confidential information about clients and even their clients’ clients.

“The peace of mind offered by the high-quality Haplo hosting was essential," says Chris.

The difference

“We have a resource library which I can update whenever required”

Chris James, Impendulo

At Haplo, our aim was to build something that could grow, change and develop as Impendulo’s business evolved.

“What’s impressed me most in working with Haplo is the flexibility. The portal today has grown far beyond our initial specification, and I’m developing it further and further as my business grows. I can see it’s going to be completely scalable. It has already been a differentiator in winning business and I’m sure it will continue to be."