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Which browsers do you support?

The latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer/Edge. Other standards compliant browsers will work, and we aim to support any modern browser.
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Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored on our servers in two UK data centres. Both data centres are protected with 24 hour security guards and CCTV. Only Haplo staff can log into the servers to perform upgrades and maintenance.

How often do you back up our data?

We back up all our customer data to a server in the secondary data centre every night, in the early hours of the morning.

What hardware do I need?

A PC or Mac with a connection to the internet. There is no need for any particular specification of computer or a particularly speedy internet connection. You can also use a Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, without our optional desktop software.

Can I use a Mac?

Yes, you can use a Mac and the Mac’s default browser, Safari.

What support do you provide?

Email and telephone support during normal UK working hours (Monday to Friday, 09.00 - 17.00) is included in your subscription.

Is it easy to migrate information in and out of Haplo?

Yes, Haplo is highly interoperable. We will assist in getting your information in and out of the system.

Is it easy to link Haplo to another system?

Haplo is highly interoperable. We should be able to link Haplo to your other systems.

To what extent can our Haplo be customised?

Visually, you choose your own colour scheme and display your own logo and choice of wording at the top of each page. The schema to describe your information is completely customisable. Workflow and additional functionality can easily be added through plugins.

How do we get our existing documents into Haplo?

We provide data import services. We work with you to identify the documents you want imported and any tags you want automatically added. For instance, all files in a folder could be tagged with the name of that folder. Our data import services are charged at a day rate.

What platform is Haplo built on?

Haplo stores data in a unique object store, designed specifically to support natural information processing.

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