Data Engineer

We’re looking for an experienced and motivated data engineer to join our growing team. You’ll play a crucial role in delivering Haplo Research Manager, an exciting new product for Universities.

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This is a great opportunity to refine your data engineering skills in a supportive team where good data handling is critical to everything we do. You’ll be actively involved in delivering high quality software and services to people who really love the work you do.

You’ll be working with products built on top of our open source in-house application framework, designed for building applications which manage semi-structured data. Haplo Platform’s innovative and flexible data model incorporates pervasive multi-values and hierarchy everywhere, making it a powerful tool for handling complex data sets. Based on the semantic web, the linked-data model of the underlying object store enables expressive and efficient data models, enabling you to produce elegant solutions without battling the limitations of restricted traditional data systems.

As our Data Engineer, you will work with our University clients to support their use of Haplo Research Manager:

Universities have some interesting challenges, including complex data models, a variety of siloed data sources, and low visibility into their data. You’ll build systems which reveal this data in user friendly ways, help increase data quality, and provide actionable information to everyone.

At Haplo, there’s plenty of scope for self-directed innovation within a supportive team, including opportunities to talk about your work at tech conferences and open sourcing your work.

You’ll be working in a spacious, light-filled office in a new business development in Brockley.

We believe in good coffee, sensible working hours, and valuing the contribution of every member of the team.

You’ll need:

Haplo is an equal opportunities employer. We welcome applications from all backgrounds, and any level of experience.

You must have a right to work in the UK.

To apply, please send your CV to



Technology stack

Our technology choices have been driven by a desire for reliability and no surprises. We believe a production system is the last place you want excitement, and don’t want to work out-of-hours fixing things. This means we’ve gone for tried and tested runtimes, languages and deployment methods, but used them in imaginative ways so they’re as productive as anything else available.

This has paid off. We’ve only had a few minutes downtime in all the years we’ve been hosting applications for our customers, and it’s quick and easy to build new features and extend existing capabilities.

We’ve taken a polyglot approach, using the best language and approach for each task, with the majority of the application running on the JVM. The platform is mainly written in JRuby, Java and JavaScript, with our custom object store implemented as C++ extensions to PostgreSQL. Our infrastructure and deployment tools are written in Python.

Our products and client specific customisations are implemented as server-side JavaScript plugins, which script the rest of the platform. As we build custom applications, we refactor to extend the platform, making future development even easier and faster.

We host the application on our own hardware for control and performance, and because our customers have strict security requirements. We have automated deployment, using Puppet controlled by our own deployment scripts. We can bootstrap a new server or development VM in minutes, with cryptographic assurance that we’re running the code we intend to run. Deploying a new version is one command to publish it, and another command to deploy it, and we release a new version every few days.

But the thing we’re most proud of is the quality of our work. We’ve treated every single bit of feedback and support request as a bug report, and fixed it. This dedication to quality and the user experience mean our users are delighted with our work, don’t need to call us for help, and are a pleasure to work with.

Information for recruitment agencies

We have appointed a recruitment agent on a sole agency basis.
If you’re a recruitment agent, and would like to get in touch with us, please use email only: Please don’t phone!