What’s it like at Haplo?

This summer, I graduated from the University of Southampton with an MEng in Computer Science. During my course, I found that I really enjoyed programming, so I wanted to find a job which would give me the greatest opportunity to develop my skills.

Talking to people who worked in large corporates, I was concerned that they spent a lot of their time dealing with bureaucracy, and they tended to specialise early on without getting to work on all areas of a modern application. It seemed the best way of finding a job which would really allow me to learn would be to look for an ambitious team at a smaller software company.

The interview process at Haplo was really helpful in understanding what it would be like, and turned out to be a lot of fun. I enjoyed the technical challenge, and then in the face-to-face interview, got to write some code which gave me a realistic picture of what the job would be like.

In my first few weeks, I got to grips with the Haplo Platform and the way the team works. As we work together so closely, it was much easier to learn than I had expected. The communication is immediate, and we’re all very careful to make sure nothing gets in the way of writing really good software.

I started by making quite small changes to our applications, and then quite quickly got on to larger and more complex tasks. It’s helpful to have lots of code to look at, and immediate feedback when I need it.

My colleagues have been really supportive, know their stuff, and are keen to help me learn. It’s quite different to my programming at university. As well as thinking carefully about quality and long-term maintainability, I know that when I finish a bit of work, it’s deployed that day and thousands of people immediately start using it!

I’m enjoying my work here. I get to program all day, my tasks are interesting and varied, and every day I learn something new.

Amrinderjit Singh, Software Developer at Haplo