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Our team have shared some of their experiences to help you discover what working with the Haplo team is like:

Amrinderjit Singh, Software Developer

Tom Renner, Software Developer

Helen Root, Placement Student

Tech talent consultant, Steve Buckley shares his thoughts on why Haplo has got it right.

Ben Summers, Technical Director

Here’s 4 reasons to start your career at Haplo.


Learn fast.

You won’t learn faster anywhere else. A new graduate can join Haplo, be productive immediately, and have significant responsibility within months.

Everything we do is designed to make this possible. We set aside time every week to learn from each other through conversation and informal teaching. Our technology is designed to guide you towards doing things the right way. And our lightweight processes let you deploy with confidence.

We did this because we want to be the kind of company where anyone with potential can join, and quickly learn to be the best they can possibly be.


Make a difference.

We’re building an open source research information management system that transforms the way research is managed.

Our work helps academics at universities in their research, and supports the next generation of researchers working on their PhDs.

We’re proud that we’re playing a small part in something as important as research. Join us, and you’ll know that you spend your working days doing something that’s really worthwhile.


Join a team that shares your values.

We believe that doing things the right way is just as important as getting them done. And because we’re completely independent, we have the freedom to do so.

For our colleagues, we’ve put a lot of effort into making sure we’re a great place to work. We welcome everyone no matter their background, we support each other in our learning, and we get work/life balance right.

And we see ourselves as part of the wider community, which is one of the reasons we open source everything we can. We’ve made some significant advances in information management technology, and we’d like this to be available to everyone who needs it.


Quick interview process.

We’re looking for at least 3 developers this year:
Graduate developer jobs

The only thing we care about is your potential as a software developer, and our interview process is carefully designed to ignore everything else.

If either of us have questions, we’ll have a quick phone call. Then we’ll ask you to write some code, in any language, with a coding challenge that should take you about 4 hours. Lastly, we’ll invite you in for a face to face interview, where we’ll spend most of the time talking about your code, and give you a decision within 48 hours.

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