Secure, reliable hosting

Keeping your information safe and available.

Haplo is a hosted service, where we provide everything you need to manage your information.

In order to maintain our high quality service 24 hours a day, we choose not to outsource any part of our hosting. We own and operate our own servers in high-security UK data centres, using Solaris on Sun servers. Sun servers are the choice of enterprises who cannot tolerate downtime, such as banks and large corporations who rely on constant access to their information.

Our servers are powerful, reliable and energy efficient, enabling us to deliver at the high standards we demand for our clients.

By securely hosting systems for many clients on a single server, Haplo is far more efficient than the conventional approach of one server per system. It’s great for the environment, saving resources and power, and it makes our service more cost effective for our clients.

Data security

We’ve designed our system and our infrastructure to keep your information safe, and make sure you can always access it.

We’ve built an infrastructure specially designed for performance and data safety for Haplo. Every critical component is redundant with a backup replacement ready to seamlessly take over. As well as being backed up, your data is stored on two hard drives, each server has two connections to the mains, and we have a spare server on standby at all times. And of course, we have multiple connections to the internet, so you can always access the system.

Your information is safe with Haplo

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology encrypts your data as standard. This ensures that your password and your data is never visible to eavesdroppers, for example, on a public WiFi network.

Our software is developed to security best practices, and our systems and servers are deployed with cryptographically protected administrative access control.

Haplo is hosted securely in a top London data centre. Physical access is controlled by 24/7 security personnel at the building entrance with CCTV monitoring of the entire building. Network security uses tight access controls and filtering.


About Software as a Service

More and more software applications are available as Software as a Service (SaaS), from Accountancy to Supply Chain Management. And now Information Management is available with Haplo.

With SaaS, your service provider handles everything for you, saving you the trouble of installing the software on your own servers and then maintaining them. All you need is a web browser.

With low startup costs and affordable monthly subscriptions, it’s much more cost-effective than the traditional model of running your own servers.

Reducing risk

As well as being more affordable, SaaS also reduces risk.

Because your valuable data is kept elsewhere, backed up and managed carefully by professionals, there’s far less risk of data loss than when it’s managed in-house.

And if disaster strikes, such as a fire in your office, all you need is a computer and an internet connection to get back to work.