PhD Manager User Group Launch

On 23 June, Haplo hosted the launch of the PhD Manager User Group, with attendees from the University of Westminster, the University of Northampton, the University of Leeds, the University of East London, London South Bank University, the Open University and the University of South Wales.

With a rapidly growing user base, the PhD Manager User Group will enable Haplo to continue to work effectively as true partners with our user institutions. Jennifer Summers, Haplo Managing Director says, “The best software is built by really understanding your users, so the Haplo team warmly welcomes the opportunity to work even more closely with our users through the User Group.”

David Watson, the Postgraduate Research Manager at University of Northampton said of the session, “It was extremely useful to get together with fellow users of PhD Manager to share our experiences of using the system and to work together with Haplo on the roadmap for future developments to the system.”

The next User Group will be in November and will be held at the University of Northampton. David Watson, University of Northampton and Tracey Bean-Williams, Open University, were appointed as group co-ordinators.

If you missed the session and would like to find out more, email for details.